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Rue du Tilleul 22, 1370 Jodoigne, Belgium

Rue du Tilleul 22, 1370 Jodoigne, Belgium

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Phone: +32 (0) 493 628 540


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Tone Aanderaa - Plûme

Name Tone Aanderaa
Artwork title Plûme
Catalogue Price 65 EUR
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Description Plûme in the Enchanted Garden:
Where does this burst of light - suddenly appearing at the bottom of the pond - on the first day of spring - come from? And who is this little girl trapped in a glass bottle?

This is the mystery that Plûme, Myheart and Tigerpus will try to unravel over the course of an adventure that will make them discover creatures and unknown corners of the Enchanted Garden, to the sound of the whistles of Golden Bird.

Assisted by the faithful Ferdinand, they will consult the Great Council of Frogs, meet the Secret Queen, confront the dreaded Baron van Buteo, have tea with an out of order clock, discover the strange power of the Wishing Well and challenge the Fire Fairy under expert advice from Mister Ponder.

But what Plûme and all Plûme's friends do not suspect, is that this Enchanted Garden - created by the Man who likes to plant trees - makes people dream from distant lands; to the point of making a little tree want to accompany her friends, the White Starlings, on their migration ...

'Plûme in the Enchanted Garden' is a story about good wishes, about the magic of dreaming, and about friendship and love.
My wish is that Plûme and all Plûme's friends in The Enchanted Garden will bring some joy and smiles to children and dreamers of all ages.
Tags C - Country: Belgium, Norway
E1 - Subject matter: Fantasy, Story
E2 - People: Childish
Expression / Emotion: Happiness, Humour
Type of artwork: Painter
Z - Other: Returning in 2023

Tone Aanderaa - Plûme