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Rue du Tilleul 22, 1370 Jodoigne, Belgium

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Hermien Buytendijk

Nederland - Ceramic


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Life-size, humoristic sculptures in earth tones resemble circus performers who wonder why the spectators are looking at them

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Hermien Buytendijk:
. The sculptures are often made from an evolving sketch but change during the creation of the sculpture. It is also possible that they are modelled after a word or a title. Also the naming is often the result of a game of question and answer with the sculpture. In this way, many crazy word combinations have arisen and the resulting sculptures are always different and unique.

Stripes of clays are used to create a hollow sculpture (stoneware or porcelain) They are kneaded together and dented. Often, Hermien Buytendijk is working simultaneously with several sculptures in different stages of development.
They are painted with colour slips and scratched in, then they are baked in the oven at 900 degrees. Then they are rubbed with dyes from metal powders and glazed and fired at a minimum of 1200 degrees. This is often followed by a firing at 800 degrees to burn off some gold.

Hermien Buytendijk for Gallery 'T':
Hermien artfully puts life into perspective with ceramic sculptures that subtly move between dream and reality.

Her sculptures often do something that is not quite possible, they seem to just escape reality but give a sharp impression of it. With humour and double meanings, she creates creatures that everyone will recognise with a smile. Human and animal figures merge with musical instruments and objects to original unique pieces and each object gets its own name.

The subjects are created from a fantasy taken from life, all different and surprising.
The sculptures are usually placed on wooden or stone pedestals which are decorated to match.
The work has the colours of the earth with here and there a touch of gold and graphic elements.



Caractéristiques des oeuvres de cet artiste :
Karakteristieken van de kunstwerken van deze kunstenaar:
Characteristics of this artist's works:

C - Country: Nederland
D1 - Material: Ceramic
E1 - Subject matter: Animal, Fantasy, People
E2 - People: Female, Figure, Person
Expression / Emotion: Happiness, Humour
Style: Big (>1.5m), Figurative
Type of artwork: Sculpture
Z - Other: Returning in 2023