Artists/Images/agnes avermaete_image_klaproos.jpg

Agnes Avermaete (B)

Ceramics & porcelain

Trying out and mastering different techniques is what it's all about for me

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/agnes avermaete_image_hoofd.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/agnes avermaete_image_abstract.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/agnes avermaete_image_klaproos_groot.jpg


Alain Snyers (F)

Artists/Images/ann geirnaerdt_image_solidarity.png

Ann Geirnaerdt (B)

Lost-wax casting technique, bronze

Bronze figures that show strength but also vulnerability

Burkina Faso:
Ann Geirnaerdt attributes her present style of working with bronze to a three year stay in Burkina Faso (West Africa), where she was able to experiment full-time with the lost-wax casting technique using bronze.

Ann Geirnaerdt:
Each of my sculptures tells its own story, starting from personal experiences and emotions that I want to give the place they deserve. In this way, my works show, in a very rewarding way, strength but also vulnerability.

Ann Geirnaerdt deals through her works with the themes of man who is constantly "searching", who needs closeness, security, but at the same time wants to maintain his own strength. The man who longs for a certain harmony and wants to live life to the full, sometimes vulnerable, sometimes strong, always looking for his cosy nest, which he also prefers to share with others.

What makes her work special is the inspiration coming from natural materials. In the construction of her works she regularly uses natural materials such as bark, branches, plants, and leaves, which inspire her enormously due to their movement and structure. These materials leave an imprint which she gratefully takes up and shapes.

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/ann geirnaerdt_portrait_.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/ann geirnaerdt_image_solidarity_in garden.jpg

Artists/Images/anne hallet_image_geometries intimes_1.jpg

Anne Hallet (B)

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/anne hallet_image_geometries intimes_2.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/anne hallet_image_geometries intimes_3.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/anne hallet_image_geometries intimes_4.jpg


Anne Meerbergen (B)


Antonia Iliescu (B)

Artists/Images/ben kapteijns_image_de dichter.jpg

Ben Kapteijns (NL)

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/ben kapteijns_image_de verhalenverteller.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/ben kapteijns_image_de druide.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/ben kapteijns_image_hanging_bottom part.jpg

Artists/Images/benedicte marechal_image_fusion.jpg

Bénédicte Maréchal (B)

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/benedicte marechal_portrait_.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/benedicte marechal_image_arbre cache-cache.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/benedicte marechal_image_ballerine fatiguee.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/benedicte marechal_image_le baiser.jpg

Artists/Images/bernard cwiek_image_hotel a insectes.jpg

Bernard Cwiek (B)

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/bernard cwiek_portrait_.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/bernard cwiek_image_libellule.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/bernard cwiek_image_armoire grande mere a insectes et vitrail.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/bernard cwiek_image_banc a insectes et vitrail.jpg


Bernard Lichtaard (NL)

Artists/Images/betty moerenhoudt_image_ouverture sur paysage_01.jpg

Betty Moerenhoudt (B)

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/betty moerenhoudt_image_mangeoire.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/betty moerenhoudt_image_ouverture sur paysage_02.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/betty moerenhoudt_image_ouverture sur paysage_03.jpg

Artists/Images/bram eliaert_image_icarus.jpg

Bram Eliaert (B)

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/bram eliaert_image_aards evenwicht.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/bram eliaert_image_hang on.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/bram eliaert_image_oerkikker.jpg

Artists/Images/carol youngner_image_piece 1.jpg

Carol Youngner (B)

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/carol youngner_image_piece 5-2.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/carol youngner_image_piece 4-4.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/carol youngner_image_clear fields.png

Artists/Images/carole auriac_image_girafe.png

Carole Auriac (F)

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/carole auriac_image_les flamants.png

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/carole auriac_image_girafe_2.png

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/carole auriac_image_girafe_3.png


Carolien Libbrecht ()

Artists/Images/caroline moxhon_image_sculpture 1.jpg

Caroline Moxhon (B)

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/caroline moxhon_portrait_.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/caroline moxhon_image_sculpture 2.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/caroline moxhon_image_bulle d amour.png

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/caroline moxhon_image_sculpture 3.jpg

Artists/Images/christian delory_image_passager clandestin.jpg

Christian Delory (B)

Artists/Images/cis van peer_image_seth.jpg

Cis Van Peer (B)

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/cis van peer_image_galante.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/cis van peer_image_gitane.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/cis van peer_image_odalisk.jpg


Claire de Viron (B)

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/claire de viron_portrait_.jpg


Cora de Vos (NL)

Artists/Images/danny beinsberger_image_seeds do have an aura he said.jpg

Danny Beinsberger (B)

Glass (fusion)

Abstract and unique works of art in fusion glass play with the nuances of light

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/danny beinsberger_image_a creator of the atmosphere.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/danny beinsberger_image_did we meet before.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/danny beinsberger_image_return from the aquasphere.jpg


Desiree-Christine van Blitterswijk ()


Diane De Bruyn (B)

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/diane de bruyn_portrait_.jpg


Dick van Welzen (NL)

Artists/Images/dominic huyghe_image_dyade.jpg

Dominic Huyghe (B)

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/dominic huyghe_portrait_.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/dominic huyghe_image_soulmirror.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/dominic huyghe_image_tummo.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/dominic huyghe_image_yin_yang.jpg

Artists/Images/dorian vanhorenbeeck_image_sculpture grand 1.png

Dorian Vanhorenbeeck (B)

Combines traditional and digital sculpture techniques

Dorian Vanhorenbeeck:
He's well-versed in both hand-carving methods and digital creation using artificial intelligence (Al) and robotics. He emphasizes the evolution of the stone sculptor profession, incorporating innovative technologies as bridges to new possibilities.

Dorian Vanhorenbeeck is a Belgian-Luxembourg designer sculptor who creates sculptures that are a mixture of classical art, robotics and a personal technique for a Pop-ART result.

Dorian Vanhorenbeeck's inspiration primarily stems from nature, plants, mythology, and fairy tales. The artist emphasizes the importance of being emotionally aware during the creative process, emphasizing the need to stay in the moment to capture the details accurately.

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/dorian vanhorenbeeck_portrait_.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/dorian vanhorenbeeck_image_sculpture grand 2.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/dorian vanhorenbeeck_image_sculpture grand 3.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/dorian vanhorenbeeck_image_sculpture petit 2.jpg


Edith Oeyen ()


Elise Vos (NL)

Artists/Images/ellen rijsdorp_image_disk.jpg

Ellen Rijsdorp (NL)

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/ellen rijsdorp_image_windflower gold.jpg

Artists/Images/els tom bleijenberg_image_aanzoek.jpg

Els & Tom Bleijenberg (NL)

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/els tom bleijenberg_portrait_.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/els tom bleijenberg_image_speelkammeraadje.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/els tom bleijenberg_image_stapel op elkaar.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/els tom bleijenberg_image_uit het lood.jpg

Artists/Images/elya yalonetski_image_gameplay_ceramic.jpg

Elya Yalonetski (D)

Elya Yalonetski:
She's an award-winning Berlin-based artist who has been successfully working with ceramics for 20 years, combining her original traditional training from the Russian school of ceramics with Baroque and Renaissance elements in her sculptures and figurines. She has changed several countries of residence, but has always followed her own recognizable style.

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/elya yalonetski_image_gameplay (side right)_ceramic.jpg


Erika De Stercke (B)

Artists/Images/eva vanmol_image_totem charlie q.jpg

Eva Vanmol (B)

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/eva vanmol_image_kleine totem.jpg

Artists/Images/evelyn hamoir_image_allegorie-le penseur.png

Evelyn Hamoir (B)

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/evelyn hamoir_image_fillette a l oiseau.png

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/evelyn hamoir_image_fillette.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/evelyn hamoir_image_nu feminin.jpg


Gerard Scharn ()


Gerda De Vrieze (B)


Germain Droogenbroodt ()

Artists/Images/guy deltour_image_book small.jpg

Guy Deltour (B)


A combination of Umberto Eco's "In the name of the rose" and Escher's drawings where we fall from one surprise into another?

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/guy deltour_portrait_logo.png

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/guy deltour_image_petite tour de livres.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/guy deltour_image_book small_back.jpg

Artists/Images/hans koenen_image_kwetsbare aarde.jpg

Hans Koenen (NL)

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/hans koenen_image_karibu.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/hans koenen_image_mothering.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/hans koenen_image_de vuurdans.jpg


Hedwig Du Jardin (B)


Helen Twigge-Molecey (United Kingdom)


Herman Cogghe (B)

Artists/Images/hermien buytendijk_image_wicht in evenwicht.jpg

Hermien Buytendijk (NL)


Life-size, humoristic sculptures in earth tones resemble circus performers who wonder why the spectators are looking at them

Hermien Buytendijk:
. The sculptures are often made from an evolving sketch but change during the creation of the sculpture. It is also possible that they are modelled after a word or a title. Also the naming is often the result of a game of question and answer with the sculpture. In this way, many crazy word combinations have arisen and the resulting sculptures are always different and unique.

Stripes of clays are used to create a hollow sculpture (stoneware or porcelain) They are kneaded together and dented. Often, Hermien Buytendijk is working simultaneously with several sculptures in different stages of development.
They are painted with colour slips and scratched in, then they are baked in the oven at 900 degrees. Then they are rubbed with dyes from metal powders and glazed and fired at a minimum of 1200 degrees. This is often followed by a firing at 800 degrees to burn off some gold.

Hermien Buytendijk for Gallery 'T':
Hermien artfully puts life into perspective with ceramic sculptures that subtly move between dream and reality.

Her sculptures often do something that is not quite possible, they seem to just escape reality but give a sharp impression of it. With humour and double meanings, she creates creatures that everyone will recognise with a smile. Human and animal figures merge with musical instruments and objects to original unique pieces and each object gets its own name.

The subjects are created from a fantasy taken from life, all different and surprising.
The sculptures are usually placed on wooden or stone pedestals which are decorated to match.
The work has the colours of the earth with here and there a touch of gold and graphic elements.

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/hermien buytendijk_image_ontluikend.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/hermien buytendijk_image_uitgelocked.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/hermien buytendijk_image_noten vissend uit het water.png

Artists/Images/ilse scholten_image_papaver bol.jpg

Ilse Scholten (NL)

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/ilse scholten_image_geluksvogel.webp

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/ilse scholten_image_gebronsde geluksvogel.webp

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/ilse scholten_image_papaver bol_rood.jpg

Artists/Images/ina marcus_image_4love.jpg

Ina Marcus (NL)

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/ina marcus_image_embracement.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/ina marcus_image_lady in blue.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/ina marcus_image_lady in red.png

Artists/Images/ingrid breuers_image_dierenzuil_180-30-30.jpg

Ingrid Breuers (NL)

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/ingrid breuers_image_vissen_100-31-16.jpg


Iocasta Huppen (B)

Artists/Images/irene van der does de bye_image_stalraam met vogels.jpg

Irene van der Does de Bye (NL)


Colourful birds made in glass fusion placed in a recuperated metal barn window

Artists/Images/jack van iwaarden de vreede_image_het gesprek.jpg

Jack van Iwaarden de Vreede (NL)

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/jack van iwaarden de vreede_image_mannelijkheid.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/jack van iwaarden de vreede_image_meeting point.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/jack van iwaarden de vreede_image_samensmelting.png

Artists/Images/jan van strien_image_weekenddames.jpg

Jan van Strien (NL)

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/jan van strien_image_bamboedragers_170x30x12.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/jan van strien_image_bamboedragers_detail.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/jan van strien_image_de toespraak_75x17x13.jpg

Artists/Images/jan vander elst_image_hoge vaas dans.jpg

Jan Vander Elst (B)

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/jan vander elst_image_hoge vaas vogel.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/jan vander elst_image_soccle fete.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/jan vander elst_image_socle.jpg

Artists/Images/jan verschueren_image_sculpture 1.png

Jan Verschueren (B)

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/jan verschueren_image_scoop.png

Artists/Images/jean-francois constant_image_vitrail circulaire.jpg

Jean-François Constant (B)


Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/jean-francois constant_portrait_portrait by tamara moss.jpg


Jean-Jacques Richard (B)

Artists/Images/jean-luc absil_image_la bague au doigt.jpg

Jean-Luc Absil (B)

Bronze, resin

Reaching for the unattainable emotion

Jean-Luc Absil creates his sculptures in clay and wax and the casts are in bronze and resin.

Jean-Luc Absil has an eye for details. He looks constantly for the elegance, the emotion that the female body evokes by its restraint or by its provocation.
The natural sensuality of the woman he depicts leads the viewer to take a serene look at her nudity.

By magnifying, even deifying the woman, he creates the 'Femme Sacré'.
Jean-Luc Absil tries to immortalise the overall image of the Female Goddess.

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/jean-luc absil_portrait_.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/jean-luc absil_image_baigneuse.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/jean-luc absil_image_epilogue.png

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/jean-luc absil_image_glamour.jpg


Jean-Luc Godard (B)


Jeannette Mimi Funk (B)


Jennifer Vrielinck (B)


Jo Gisekin (B)


Johan De Graeve (B)

Artists/Images/joke van broeckhoven_image_vlinder.jpg

Joke Van Broeckhoven (B)

Fusion paints between layers of fused glass

Evoking the emotion by seeing the beauty of the nature to the viewer

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/joke van broeckhoven_image_specht.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/joke van broeckhoven_image_vlinder_detail 1.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/joke van broeckhoven_image_vlinder_detail 2.jpg


Kenneth Swaenen (B)


Kris Lauwereys (NL)


Laurent Dumortier (B)

Artists/Images/lebuin dhaese_image_fly away.jpg

Lebuïn D'Haese (B)

Bronze, ceramic

Only one subject: the human being

Lebuïn communicates through his work with the audience, which gets an insight into his ideas and opinion. Being an artist is not free obligation for him. Art for art's sake is not his concern. He is a committed artist with only one subject: the human being. (Gui Kestens)

Luc Clerinx:
Lebuïn DÂ’Haese watches ‘la comédie humaine” slightly ironically, deeply moved he watches ‘humanity and its woesÂ’. What he sees and how he sees these things is brought to life in his statues.
Always thinking visually, acting visually. Frugal forms, the omission of excessive details, and the suppression of subjective emotions steer the dramatic poignancy in these statues in the right direction.

Frank De Vos:
Always thinking visually, acting visually. Frugal forms, the omission of excessive details, and the suppression of subjective emotions steer the dramatic poignancy in these statues in the right direction.

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/lebuin dhaese_portrait_.png


Lieve Lambrechts (B)

Artists/Images/loes knoben_image_fay.jpg

Loes Knoben (NL)

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/loes knoben_image_grace.png

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/loes knoben_image_isabel.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/loes knoben_image_joelle.jpg

Artists/Images/louis 2 verdal_image_grande tete sur support metallique.jpg

Louis 2 Verdal (F)


Luc Libon (B)


Lucie Putzeijs (B)

Artists/Images/luk luts_image_tors-bordeau123.png

Luk Luts (B)

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/luk luts_image_tors-kroatie.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/luk luts_image_tors-oker.png

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/luk luts_image_tors-opaal.jpg

Artists/Images/lut de baere_image_breiende bertha.jpg

Lut De Baere (B)

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/lut de baere_portrait_.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/lut de baere_image_complex.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/lut de baere_image_grote vogel.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/lut de baere_image_raar.jpg

Artists/Images/marc hadermann_image_boeket.png

Marc Hadermann (B)


Wandering in a wonder world

During - and after a career as a graphic designer and product developer, Marc Hadermann devoted himself to the visual arts. The last decade, he mainly worked as a glass artist.
He is inspired by nature and images in the world around him. Wandering around, he collects images, looking like an astonished child with strange perceptions.
Fascinated by 'light' and 'transparancy' he is giving the spectator an opportunity to observe the world through his eyes.
His art, paintings or glass installations, are always pure, without rules, honest, straight and with no compromises.

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/marc hadermann_portrait_.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/marc hadermann_image_vladimir.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/marc hadermann_image_wild roses.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/marc hadermann_image_herfst.jpg


Margriet Hidding ()


Marianne Loeble (Spain)

Artists/Images/marianne ouwendijk_image_cato_hoge blauwe hoed.jpg

Marianne Ouwendijk (NL)

Artists/Images/marie biesmans_image_tableau bleu jardin.jpg

Marie Biesmans (B)

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/marie biesmans_portrait_.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/marie biesmans_image_tableau noir jardin.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/marie biesmans_image_tableau vert jardin.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/marie biesmans_image_dechirure jardin.png

Artists/Images/marie thys_image_hare.png

Marie Thys (B)


Create to express my observations or emotions

Marie Thys:
Having always had a passion for animals and their behavior, they became finally her favorite topic. The biggest part of her work is devoted to observing them and looking for their expressions, their movements, and their fragility.
Each of all her sculptures is realized using the technique she thinks is most appropriate for the animal, either wax, plaster, or clay. Then the piece is molded and cast by the process of lost wax, to finally end up with this noble material that is bronze.

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/marie thys_image_hare_in garden.jpg

Artists/Images/marije gies_image_blauwe vlam.jpg

Marije Gies (NL)

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/marije gies_image_water en vuur.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/marije gies_image_glasbloem.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/marije gies_image_geluksvogel_wip.jpg


Marijke Verachtert (B)

Artists/Images/marja steinmetz_image_lichtjuweel-een dagje aan het strand.jpg

Marja Steinmetz (NL)

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/marja steinmetz_image_lichtjuweel-een woelige zee.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/marja steinmetz_image_once upon a time-het zeewierbootje.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/marja steinmetz_image_once upon a time-01.jpg


Martine Bronzin (B)


Martine Rouhart (B)

Artists/Images/mieke oldenburg_image_erynne-portrait woman.png

Mieke Oldenburg (NL)

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/mieke oldenburg_image_europe.png

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/mieke oldenburg_image_juno_standing v.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/mieke oldenburg_image_nehalennia-sitting silk.jpg


Nanesa (B)


Nathalie Boutiau (B)

Artists/Images/nele schildermans_image_blauwe karper_ceramic.jpg

Nele Schildermans (B)

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/nele schildermans_portrait_.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/nele schildermans_image_blauwe karper_front_ceramic.jpg


Niels Snoek (NL)

Artists/Images/paja van dyck_image_arenaria.jpg

Paja Van Dyck (B)

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/paja van dyck_image_arenaria_detail.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/paja van dyck_image_arenaria_group detail.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/paja van dyck_image_arenaria_group.jpg

Artists/Images/pascal lemoine_image_piece A.1_H17 L30 l19_1.000eur.jpg

Pascal Lemoine (F)

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/pascal lemoine_portrait_.webp

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/pascal lemoine_image_piece petit A.4_H.20 D.15_500eur.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/pascal lemoine_image_piece Q.8_H11 L39 l23_1.900eur.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/pascal lemoine_image_piece Q.59_ H20 L50 l31_1.400eur.jpg

Artists/Images/peter pel_image_aagje.jpg

Peter Pel (NL)

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/peter pel_image_aymijns dochters.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/peter pel_image_arrogantje.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/peter pel_image_beeld 1.jpg

Artists/Images/philippe nicodeme_image_et s il n en reste qu un.jpg

Philippe Nicodème (B)

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/philippe nicodeme_image_et s il n en reste qu un_detail.jpg

Artists/Images/pierre closset_image_sculpture_escargot 1.jpg

Pierre Closset (B)

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/pierre closset_image_sculpture_escargot 2.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/pierre closset_image_sculpture_escargot 3.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/pierre closset_image_sculpture_frog.jpg

Artists/Images/pit kinzer_image_jumper.png

Pit Kinzer (D)

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/pit kinzer_portrait_.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/pit kinzer_image_diver.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/pit kinzer_image_jumper_avenue.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/pit kinzer_image_jumper_garden.jpg

Artists/Images/priska jacobs_image_bostryche lodges.jpg

Priska Jacobs (Switzerland)

Insect village:
Priska Jacobs: 'Sometimes they are a pain, but insects are fundamentally very important to us. They pollinate plants and keep parasites at bay. By decomposing organic material, they ensure new plant growth and, as they are at the beginning of the food chain, they also ensure biodiversity among larger animals.

To thank the insects for all this, I have built them a modern glass villa, the walls of which are lined with their favorite food. We are also allowed a glimpse of their most loved meal through the polished windows. The cast glass catches the light and creates a wonderful atmosphere for our mini heroes. The house is an eye-catcher in any garden. But we are strictly forbidden to enter. For insects only!

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/priska jacobs_portrait_.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/priska jacobs_image_chateau de scarabee rose.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/priska jacobs_image_maison de poupees plieur de citron.jpg


rik dereeper ()

Artists/Images/roland menten_image_i told you dancing on a mushroom is dangerous.jpg

Roland Menten (B)


Snails, frogs, flowers, mushrooms are endlessly combined, but always surprising, humorous and perfectly executed

The Snail

The artistic creations of Roland Menten show always a humorous note that is often in contradiction or gives an unexpected view on our stressed and perfectionist society. He builds up an entire oeuvre on and around snails, frogs, leaves, mushrooms, ... In short, nature. In his work, he gives snails a place of honour.

The beauty of Roland Menten's works is that they grow along with nature.

On the one hand, through the use of polished and rough surfaces, the lichens become spectators and at the same time they take a part in the story told by the artwork.

On the other hand, through the alternating use of colours, the works conquer their place in nature, which softens their dominance by incorporating the sculpture into the life of the vegetation.

The works of art by Roland Menten feel at home both in a modern design and in a classical interior, in an austere French garden as well as in natural vegetation, but they always elicit a smile :-)

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Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/roland menten_image_waiting for sunshine on mushroom.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/roland menten_image_gesprek op het hek.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/roland menten_image_de randloper.png

Artists/Images/roos mannaerts_image_geschonken aardewerk_in garden.jpg

Roos Mannaerts (NL)

Bronze, ceramic, composite with attention to the patina

Narrative sculptures. Both classic and contemporary stories and themes. Selective utilisation of details

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Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/roos mannaerts_image_paard ris.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/roos mannaerts_image_paard rover.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/roos mannaerts_image_luister.jpg


Rudi Helven (B)

Artists/Images/sacha valsamides_image_sculpture 1.jpg

Sacha Valsamides (B)

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Sandrine Davin (F)

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Savina Gillès de Pélichy (B)

Bronze & Ceramic

Touching the earth to bring the fauna to life

Savina Gillès de Pélichy
Because family life is so demanding, I preferred to put my professional activities to one side and devote more time to my children. However, art, whether through painting, sculpture or even expressing my emotions through writing, now enables me to find a serene balance.

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Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/savina gilles de pelichy_image_dragon des abysses.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/savina gilles de pelichy_image_grand tamanoir.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/savina gilles de pelichy_image_lievre.jpg


Simonet Biokou (Bénin)

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Stanwood Wind Sculptures (U.S.A.)

Copper, brass, lifetime warranty

Highest quality kinetic wind sculptures

Stanwood Wind Sculptures:
They are the highest quality kinetic sculptures available on the art market. All the wind sculptures are beautifully designed, meticulously crafted. They only use copper and brass as building materials. All spinners are finely balanced and will spin with the slightest breeze. All our wind sculptures are covered by a lifetime warranty.

Lifetime warranty:
The Stanwood products are fully warranted to the original owner against defects in materials and workmanship. If a Stanwood product fails due to a manufacturing defect Stanwood will repair or replace the product free of charge, at our discretion (transportation costs not included).
This lifetime warranty does not cover damage caused by accident, improper use or installation, negligence, normal wear and tear, or the natural breakdown of materials over time.

Stanwood also provide easy to replace spare parts, e.g. the stainless steel ball bearings.

Art Sanctuary will support you in the communication with Stanwood.

All artworks include a full installation manual. It can also downloaded by the Art Sanctuary website. There're also videos explaining the installation.
Art Sanctuary can help you to install the wind sculpture at your home for a fixed price depending on the wind sculpture.

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Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/stanwood_image_triple spinner falling foliage.gif


Thierry Moral (F)


Thijs Mulder (NL)

Artists/Images/tone aanderaa_image_plume.jpg

Tone Aanderaa (Norway / Belgium)


Tone Aanderaa:
Norwegian painter inspired by nature and the environment.

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/tone aanderaa_image_betulat.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/tone aanderaa_image_parallel universes .jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/tone aanderaa_image_sentinel of the pond.jpg


Viviane Rose (NL)

Artists/Images/will schropp_image_feu d amour.jpg

Will Schropp (NL)


The sculpture has to be as if it was the only possibility for this piece of wood

Will Schropp:
Lines, groves, the ribbing and the character of the wood play a big part in my sculptures. Wood has a lot of possibilities, but even more impossibilities, between them I create my sculptures.

'Life' and the eternal dream of 'Flying' are subjects of my sculptures. When I carve I am conscious of the nature, I see my work as a synthesis between design and nature. I finish my sculptures in such a way that people are prompted to touch them. Wood shows history and trees played a role in mythology. If possible I use those elements.

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/will scropp_portrait_.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/will schropp_image_sculpture 1-appel.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/will schropp_image_springtime.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/will schropp_image_femina.jpg

Artists/Images/willy peeters_image_gone with the wind_in garden.jpg

Willy Peeters (B)


Images full of contrasts: figurative yet abstract, rough but sensitive, groups made up of individuals, narrative symbolism

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/willy peeters_image_gone with the wind_4300eur.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/willy peeters_image_gone with the wind_right_4300eur.jpg


Wilma Sass (NL)

Artists/Images/xavier dumont_image_banc treilli.jpg

Xavier Dumont (F)


Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/xavier dumont_image_siege echelle.jpg