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Rue du Tilleul 22, 1370 Jodoigne, Belgium

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Roland Menten

Belgium - Composite


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Snails, frogs, flowers, mushrooms are endlessly combined, but always surprising, humorous and perfectly executed

From: 2024-06-28 - To: 2024-10-13

The Snail

The artistic creations of Roland Menten show always a humorous note that is often in contradiction or gives an unexpected view on our stressed and perfectionist society. He builds up an entire oeuvre on and around snails, frogs, leaves, mushrooms, ... In short, nature. In his work, he gives snails a place of honour.

The beauty of Roland Menten's works is that they grow along with nature.

On the one hand, through the use of polished and rough surfaces, the lichens become spectators and at the same time they take a part in the story told by the artwork.

On the other hand, through the alternating use of colours, the works conquer their place in nature, which softens their dominance by incorporating the sculpture into the life of the vegetation.

The works of art by Roland Menten feel at home both in a modern design and in a classical interior, in an austere French garden as well as in natural vegetation, but they always elicit a smile :-)



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