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See you in 2024 in a renewed garden with new artists, new artworks around the theme 'Water ...'
We adapt the exhibition and garden concepts, we restore the garden after tens of thousands of visitors, so until the next edition.

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To cover the costs, we ask a contribution of 6 EUR / person, children below 12-year free entrance. Groups +10 persons contribute 4 EUR / person. The entrance doesn't include drinks or snacks. They costs 2 or 4 EUR.
Rue du Tilleul 22, 1370 Jodoigne, Belgium

Rue du Tilleul 22, 1370 Jodoigne, Belgium

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Phone: +32 (0) 493 628 540;


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Ale Moshenek - Paccha Princess (Glass, Metal)

Name Ale Moshenek
Artwork title Paccha Princess (Glass, Metal)
Catalogue Price 5.820 EUR
Other information
Invited by
Description Main idea of Paccha Princess:
This line of sculptures was originally made of metal or acrylic torsos and glass skirts.

They were created from the concept of female warriors from various moments in history. I incorporate this idea in this new version of the sculpture based on the myth of Paccha warrior woman and queen of the Shyri people of the native cultures of Ecuador.

Paccha Duchicela Shyri XVI (Puruhá) Daughter of the cacique Cacha Duchicela Shryri XV. Upon the death of her father, she was the heir and legitimate sovereign of the Kingdom of Quito. She was the mother of Atahualpa, the last king of the Incas.

The myth tells the story that when she died her heart became a green emerald, and it was buried somewhere in Quito. So the heart in the sculpture and the feathers will have shades of green and gold to hint at Paccha's emerald heart.

The mechanism to make the heart beat will be inside the torso too. Having the drum making a beating sound from within the sculpture. Using the humidity from the air to move it which will reflect the forest's heartbeat. This way, when the forest is humid it beats faster and when the air is dry it beats slowly.
Making all the mechanisms smaller and easier to ship. The connections are all inside the sculpture and the humidity meter will be in the central tube.

This line of sculptures were developed to be exported to different countries, so they are easily dismantled and assembled. They are not fragile and are packed in a single cardboard box.


Ale Moshenek - Paccha Princess (Glass, Metal)