Artists/Images/abou sidibe_image_la femme du sahel.jpg

Abou Sidibé (B)

Illustrates the African way of life with recycled art in a contemporary African style

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/abou sidibe_portrait_nomwinde vivien sawadogo 1.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/abou sidibe_image_le voyageur.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/abou sidibe_image_jour de marche a tombouctou.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/abou sidibe_image_heremakono.jpg

Artists/Images/adje martens_image_de steen magiers.jpg

Adje Martens (B)

Metal, recuperation, stone, Wood ... creativity, imagination

The ideas are expressed in a series of works of art in wood, metal and stone, which give rise to new ideas

Delia Bremer, Hoogeveensche Courant (adapted):
"With a background in music, theatre, and carpentry, Adje Martens is a visual storyteller, with an abundance of fantasy and humour. He uses a multitude of materials; steel, wood, and stones, and often mixing this with recuperated 'waste'. And - Each sculpture receives a poem! "

Adje Martens converts an idea into a series of images. Working out the series in turn leads to new ideas and a chain reaction of realizations.
He is not limited by materials or techniques, but only by the size of his garden ... never enough space ...

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/adje martens_image_dichter kryger.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/adje martens_image_5d racer.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/adje martens_image_neptune.jpg

Artists/Images/albert vaesen_image_guidance.jpg

Albert Vaesen (B)


Beating, folding, bending and welding are my techniques.The infernal noise is for me accompanying music to the birth of some piece of art

Talent from Kauliller soil (Northern Belgian Limburg)

As a youngster, he started cutting wood in his spare time. With hammer and chisel he created life in a wooden plank or beam. Later, he began to experiment with materials such as iron, aluminium and copper.

Now he has become a self-made metal artist. Welding different pieces together to form an expressive object is one of his favourite pastimes. Red copper is his favourite material.
Apart from his art pieces, he also works on order. Thus, copper work has become a full-time occupation.

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/albert vaesen_portrait_.png

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/albert vaesen_image_ringpiet.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/albert vaesen_image_sars cov 2.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/albert vaesen_image_escape room.jpg

Artists/Images/ann geirnaerdt_image_solidarity.png

Ann Geirnaerdt (B)

Lost-wax casting technique, bronze

Bronze figures that show strength but also vulnerability

Burkina Faso:
Ann Geirnaerdt attributes her present style of working with bronze to a three year stay in Burkina Faso (West Africa), where she was able to experiment full-time with the lost-wax casting technique using bronze.

Ann Geirnaerdt:
Each of my sculptures tells its own story, starting from personal experiences and emotions that I want to give the place they deserve. In this way, my works show, in a very rewarding way, strength but also vulnerability.

Ann Geirnaerdt deals through her works with the themes of man who is constantly "searching", who needs closeness, security, but at the same time wants to maintain his own strength. The man who longs for a certain harmony and wants to live life to the full, sometimes vulnerable, sometimes strong, always looking for his cosy nest, which he also prefers to share with others.

What makes her work special is the inspiration coming from natural materials. In the construction of her works she regularly uses natural materials such as bark, branches, plants, and leaves, which inspire her enormously due to their movement and structure. These materials leave an imprint which she gratefully takes up and shapes.

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/ann geirnaerdt_portrait_.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/ann geirnaerdt_portrait_.jpg

Artists/Images/annemarie van uden_image_habitat.jpg

Annemarie van Uden (B)


If an image stands out between so many visual impressions, something has happened

Annemarie van Uden:
"Every day I walk through my imagination and marvel.
These many wanderings are what feed my desire to make images.
Amazement, curiosity, and playfulness are very important to me.
You look and feel something, you are touched by the material, the form - the expression.
If an image stands out between so much visual material, something has happened."

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/annemarie van uden_portrait_.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/annemarie van uden_image_between heaven and earth.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/annemarie van uden_image_gele vrouw.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/annemarie van uden_image_gone with the wind.jpg



Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/axel ketul_portrait_ketul.jpg

Artists/Images/bjane cowie_image_vitex doniana flowers.jpg

B. Jane Cowie (B)

Glass, metal, LED

Waste glass transformed into glass sculptures inspired by the plant world to enliven and illuminate both small gardens and public spaces

B. Jane Cowie:
She has been working with glass for more than30 years. After gaining a degree in Visual Arts at Sydney College of the Arts, her commitment to art making, desire to learn and passion for glass inspired her to travel extensively.
She has worked in numerous glassmaking studios and factories in Australia, England, Europe, USA, China and Japan to develop technical skill and an intimate understanding of glassmaking techniques and applications.

South Australia:
B.Jane Cowie has played an important role in the development of contemporary craft in South Australia during the 1990’s, as Board Member of the JamFactory, CraftSouth and Board Member and President (1999-2021) of Ausglass: The Australian Association of Glass Artists. She has coordinated glass conferences, curated exhibitions, and taught in various educational facilities around the world.
In 2005 she was awarded a Master Degree of Visual Arts.

Most recently B.Jane Cowie has been contributing to the built environment of Singapore for over 10 years, installing art glass in numerous open air public situations.

B.Jane Cowie is designing, making and installing artworks and large-scale glass installations which are purpose built for private and commercial spaces
It means she now had to work with larger teams of project managers, makers and installers situated in Singapore.
Exhibitions :
More recently B.Jane Cowie has returned to a more personal exhibition practice through a series of Research Methodology Workshops and exhibitions in Mittagong, Perth and Canberra, and now 'The Enchanted Garden', her first exhibition in Belgium and Europe.

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/bjane cowie_portrait_.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/bjane cowie_image_vitex doniana flower_detail.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/bjane cowie_image_vitex doniana flower.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/bjane cowie_image_fireweed_flower_overview.jpg

Artists/Images/bettina silverio_image_window on the environment_oval.jpg

Bettina Silverio (B)

Recuperated material

Infuse paintings with sculptural elements created with recuperated material

Bettina Silverio:
As an Environmental Science major, she now takes her experimentation over to her studio where she plays with materials and techniques, creating pieces that straddle painting, woodworking and metal sculpture.
She is largely self-taught, and over the years her works have evolved from traditional 2D paintings into art pieces that infuse painting with sculptural 3D elements.
She's an intuitive artist and years of struggle with her bipolar condition enhanced this.

Embracing sustainable art in 2019, Bettina Silverio recycles materials to create her pieces, in hopes her works will call attention to the environmental crises and encourage others to become part of the solution.

In 2013 Bettina Silverio was a finalist in the GLOBE Imaginart nationwide art competition.
In 2020, she was selected by a jury for the UN75 Global Conversation 2020 2nd Round exhibit.
In 2021 one of her works was selected by a jury to be featured in The Social Art Award 2021 Book, launched by the Institute for Art and Innovation, Berlin.

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/bettina silverio_portrait_.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/bettina silverio_image_window on the environment_rectangle.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/bettina silverio_image_detail 3.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/bettina silverio_image_detail 1.jpg

Artists/Images/catherine millet_image_echappee belle_1000.png

Catherine Millet (B)

Metal, mortar

Surreal and funny storytelling in metal and mortar

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/catherine millet_portrait_horloge filante.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/catherine millet_image_le balcon_1300.png

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/catherine millet_image_quand la lune tombe.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/catherine millet_image_l ombre qui danse.jpg

Artists/Images/christian delory_image_lecteur aux boulons.jpg

Christian Delory (B)

Metal, stained glass, LED

A seemingly impossible combination of recycled metal parts, stained glass and electronics

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/christian delory_portrait_.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/christian delory_image_oiseau cuillere et verre.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/christian delory_image_dame verte.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/christian delory_image_coq au feu.jpg

Artists/Images/christoph goldberg_image_the goat_corten.jpg

Christoph Goldberg (B)

Corten steel

Stylized animals

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/christoph goldberg_portrait_.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/christoph goldberg_portrait_.jpg

Artists/Images/cor de ree_image_thrones overview.jpg

Cor de Ree (B)

Copper, glass, zinc

Works of art created in glass, copper and zinc with a useful and aesthetic function and in an Art Nouveau style with a unique interpretation.

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/cor de ree_image_troon illusions perdues.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/cor de ree_image_throne l ange blue.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/cor de ree_image_troon l art nouveau.jpg


Daniël Olislaegers (B)

Glass, metal

Architectural glass artworks

Artists/Images/danny beinsberger_image_seeds do have an aura he said.jpg

Danny Beinsberger (B)

Glass (fusion)

Abstract and unique works of art in fusion glass play with the nuances of light

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/danny beinsberger_image_seeds do have an aura he said_detail.jpg

Artists/Images/edith janzen_image_reiger.png

Edith Janzen (B)

Bronze; theme: Animals

Delicate animals in bronze, sometimes humorous, that look familiar

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/edith janzen_portrait_portret in het atelier.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/edith janzen_image_hert.png

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/edith janzen_image_kraai.png

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/edith janzen_image_visser.png

Artists/Images/eveline bekkering_image_geborgenheid.jpg

Eveline Bekkering (B)

Bronze, stone

Hand-carves her sculptures from large blocks of stone

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/eveline bekkering_portrait_.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/eveline bekkering_image_hartverscheurend.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/eveline bekkering_image_one step at a time.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/eveline bekkering_image_ontwaken.jpg

Artists/Images/evelyn hamoir_image_jeu d enfant.png

Evelyn Hamoir (B)

Bronze, ceramic, resin

Each sculpture represents a moment in life, an emotion, a movement or a dialogue with space

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/evelyn hamoir_portrait_.png

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/evelyn hamoir_image_arlecchino-venezia.png

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/evelyn hamoir_image_violoncelliste.png

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/evelyn hamoir_image_il mattino.png

Artists/Images/guy deltour_image_example.png

Guy Deltour (B)


A combination of Umberto Eco's "In the name of the rose" and Escher's drawings where we fall from one surprise into another?

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/guy deltour_portrait_logo.png

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/guy deltour_image_la cabane au fond du jardin.png

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/guy deltour_image_les archives.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/guy deltour_image_les archives 2.jpg

Artists/Images/hendrike huijsmans_image_luchtbeeld 02.jpg

Hendrike Huijsmans (B)

Glass, metal and polyester

Abstract, organic and colourful monumental structures by combining glass, metal and polyester

The work of Hendrike Huijsmans is characterised by its open character, bright colours and clear, sleek but flowing lines. These radiate movement and liveliness.

Abstract but organic:
. Hendrike Huijsmans likes to make abstract sculptures. Free organic structures that seem to grow and find their way fascinate her immensely.
The works are almost always colourful , monumental and have a positive aura.

Combining materials:
. Hendrike Huijsmans likes to work with steel, glass and polyester and combinations thereof. The possibilities of shape and colour of these materials are almost unlimited. They are therefore very suitable for creating the free flowing sculptures that she wishes to show.

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/hendrike huijsmans_portrait_.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/hendrike huijsmans_image_oranje kronkel_180cm_polyester-glasvezel ca. 180x47x4 cm.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/hendrike huijsmans_image_dansende harten, polyester-glasvezel, ca. 200x50x5 cm.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/hendrike huijsmans_image_bladvorm_ex 02.jpg

Artists/Images/hermien buytendijk_image_wicht in evenwicht.jpg

Hermien Buytendijk (B)


Life-size, humoristic sculptures in earth tones resemble circus performers who wonder why the spectators are looking at them

Hermien Buytendijk:
. The sculptures are often made from an evolving sketch but change during the creation of the sculpture. It is also possible that they are modelled after a word or a title. Also the naming is often the result of a game of question and answer with the sculpture. In this way, many crazy word combinations have arisen and the resulting sculptures are always different and unique.

Stripes of clays are used to create a hollow sculpture (stoneware or porcelain) They are kneaded together and dented. Often, Hermien Buytendijk is working simultaneously with several sculptures in different stages of development.
They are painted with colour slips and scratched in, then they are baked in the oven at 900 degrees. Then they are rubbed with dyes from metal powders and glazed and fired at a minimum of 1200 degrees. This is often followed by a firing at 800 degrees to burn off some gold.

Hermien Buytendijk for Gallery 'T':
Hermien artfully puts life into perspective with ceramic sculptures that subtly move between dream and reality.

Her sculptures often do something that is not quite possible, they seem to just escape reality but give a sharp impression of it. With humour and double meanings, she creates creatures that everyone will recognise with a smile. Human and animal figures merge with musical instruments and objects to original unique pieces and each object gets its own name.

The subjects are created from a fantasy taken from life, all different and surprising.
The sculptures are usually placed on wooden or stone pedestals which are decorated to match.
The work has the colours of the earth with here and there a touch of gold and graphic elements.

Artists/Images/hermine van der does_image_axis mundi_installation.jpg

Hermine van der Does (B)

Glass (fusion, slumping)

Three-dimensional glass structures with brilliant colour compositions

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/hermine van der does_portrait_.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/hermine van der does_image_tuinbeelden_installatie.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/hermine van der does_image_time eclipse golden.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/hermine van der does_image_axis mundi_diepe schaal.jpg

Artists/Images/irene van der does de bye_image_stalraam met vogels.jpg

Irene van der Does de Bye (B)


Colourful birds made in glass fusion placed in a recuperated metal barn window

Artists/Images/jack van iwaarden de vreede_image_together on wood bench.png

Jack van Iwaarden de Vreede (B)

Bronze, Corten, Steel - Thme: figures and ideas with a few lines

Refined figures in bronze, corten or steel drawn with a few simple lines

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/jack van iwaarden de vreede_portrait_.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/jack van iwaarden de vreede_image_mermaid neso.png

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/jack van iwaarden de vreede_image_hoofd.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/jack van iwaarden de vreede_image_family.png

Artists/Images/jan falta_image_objects-example.jpg

Jan Falta (B)

Glass: blowing, cold working, engraving, grinding, sculpting

Combines Cubism, Art Deco and Pop art in a personal style

Jan Falta:
was educated, lives, and works in Novy Bor, the centre of the Czech 'Glass' Republic.

Jan Falta's using a rare and unique technique which he calls 'Glass-sculpting'. With a diamond saw he carves heads and sculptures from a block of glass.

Jan Falta's work has been exhibited through out Europe and he worked with Jean-Michel Othoniel and the late Borek Sipek. His work has attracted the admiration of famous actors and musicians, e.g. Phil Collins and Sean Connery both have acquired his work.

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/jan falta_portrait_.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/jan falta_image_faces-example.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/jan falta_portrait_.jpg

Artists/Images/jean de la kethulle_image_quercus petraea.jpg

Jean de la Kethulle (B)

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/jean de la kethulle_image_quercus petraea_overview.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/jean de la kethulle_image_quercus petraea_in landscape.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/jean de la kethulle_image_quercus petraea_detail.jpg

Artists/Images/jean-francois constant_image_vitrail circulaire.jpg

Jean-François Constant (B)


Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/jean-francois constant_portrait_portrait by tamara moss.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/jean-francois constant_portrait_portrait by tamara moss.jpg

Artists/Images/jean-luc absil_image_glamour.jpg

Jean-Luc Absil (B)

Bronze, resin

Reaching for the unattainable emotion

Jean-Luc Absil creates his sculptures in clay and wax and the casts are in bronze and resin.

Jean-Luc Absil has an eye for details. He looks constantly for the elegance, the emotion that the female body evokes by its restraint or by its provocation.
The natural sensuality of the woman he depicts leads the viewer to take a serene look at her nudity.

By magnifying, even deifying the woman, he creates the 'Femme Sacré'.
Jean-Luc Absil tries to immortalise the overall image of the Female Goddess.

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/jean-luc absil_portrait_.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/jean-luc absil_image_tatouage.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/jean-luc absil_image_chagrin.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/jean-luc absil_image_arabesque.jpg

Artists/Images/joel sadaune_image_de l autre cote.jpg

Joël Sadaune (B)

Metal, scrap

Giving new life to recycled materials and objects to reveal landscapes and scenes of life

Galeries Barissardo & Au 45 (Isabelle and Hervé Venet)(adapted and extended):
Trained as an architect and with experience as an exhibition scenographer, Joël Sadaune expresses himself through pictorial works featuring virtual and semi-abstract spaces, borrowed and transformed from our daily life, such as urban or virtual networks, or industrial sites.
With spare parts, he invents real machinery so necessary in our daily life.

From painting to sculpture, Joël Sadaune creates universes with an industrial atmosphere, against a background of decorations rich in details: markings, symbols, messages, traces, tears ... he likes to use the vocabulary linked to packaging: arrows, numbers, barcodes, stencil inscriptions ... which are all representations to allow him to limit his works and leave the abstract, creative universe.

His creation sounds like an invitation to explore, dissect, decipher and travel to the borders of a fantastic, modern world.
With Joël Sadaune, nothing is arbitrarily created! The originality of his artwork is in fact the result of research work, the artist likes to observe, describe and understand the world he then reinterprets, expresses in his artworks.

Joël Sadaune expose from Friday 01 July 2022.

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/joel sadaune_portrait_.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/joel sadaune_image_la faille.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/joel sadaune_image_coquille de bois.png

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/joel sadaune_image_duramen.png

Artists/Images/lebuin dhaese_image_fly away.jpg

Lebuïn D'Haese (B)

Bronze, ceramic

Only one subject: the human being

Lebuïn communicates through his work with the audience, which gets an insight into his ideas and opinion. Being an artist is not free obligation for him. Art for art's sake is not his concern. He is a committed artist with only one subject: the human being. (Gui Kestens)

Luc Clerinx:
Lebuïn D’Haese watches ‘la comédie humaine” slightly ironically, deeply moved he watches ‘humanity and its woes’. What he sees and how he sees these things is brought to life in his statues.
Always thinking visually, acting visually. Frugal forms, the omission of excessive details, and the suppression of subjective emotions steer the dramatic poignancy in these statues in the right direction.

Frank De Vos:
Always thinking visually, acting visually. Frugal forms, the omission of excessive details, and the suppression of subjective emotions steer the dramatic poignancy in these statues in the right direction.

Artists/Images/lei hannen_image_chevaux dansent bleu.png

Lei Hannen (B)

Bronze, ceramic

Abstracted horses and bulls full of power with heads claiming or relinquishing a place

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/lei hannen_image_paarden - galop.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/lei hannen_image_stieren - het gevecht.png

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/lei hannen_image_de dans.png

Artists/Images/loes knoben_image_emma.jpg

Loes Knoben (B)


Bronze 'branches' show women full of elegance, movement and expression. The lines of the artwork express the emotion found in faces

The bronze women (?) sculptures of Loes Knoben show expression, movement and tension.

Loes Knoben is always looking for wood, branches and bark, weathered by wind and weather. In them she searches for strength, rhythm and balance. It starts a discovery voyage to new art works.
The used natural materials leave their mark on her sculptures. The wooden twigs become arms and legs.

The art of Loes Knoben reflects her view on life, her talent to observe people, fathom their feelings and translate them into beautiful expressive bronzes.

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/loes knoben_portrait_.png

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/loes knoben_image_gabrielle.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/loes knoben_image_marij.png

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/loes knoben_image_alexandra.png

Artists/Images/ludo giels_image_de wacht.jpg

Ludo Giels (B)

Metal scrap from an exploded sunken barge, bronze

The pieces of the CBR81 puzzle reveal a wonderful world full of eccentric characters

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/ludo giels_portrait_.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/ludo giels_image_grote moe.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/ludo giels_image_ploegschaarpaar.png

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/ludo giels_image_ecoman.jpg

Artists/Images/luk luts_image_torso_left.jpg

Luk Luts (B)

Stone - Theme: petrified messages & encapsulated women

Free the petrified messages or statues of women from their old stone shells

With an innate awareness of the beauty of nature, Luk Luts "gets to the bottom" of the various types of stone.

He uses as well Mergel-sandstone, as Diestianian iron-sandstone, French stones, Belgian and Irish bluestone, the beautiful but delicate Noir de Mazy, the unique Italian marble 'Bianco Statuario' and the colourful Zimbabwean Opaal and Springstone.

To clarify the fossilised message from the "in print" in the stone mass or to liberate female statues from their centuries-old stone husk is his obsession.

Luk Luts evolved from a school-teacher to a stone-teacher. Not only because he understands and feels the stone better and better, but also because he shows us in his personal style what he sees in a stone. Once you have felt his work, you will always recognise it.

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/luk luts_image_portrait_.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/luk luts_image_torso.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/luk luts_image_radial thinking 4.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/luk luts_image_mondri-achtig.jpg

Artists/Images/lut de baere_image_lange griet.jpg

Lut De Baere (B)

Metal scrap from an exploded sunken barge

The pieces of the CBR81 puzzle reveal a wonderful world full of eccentric characters

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/lut de baere_portrait_.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/lut de baere_image_turende vogel.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/lut de baere_image_grote vogel.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/lut de baere_image_kettingvrouw.png

Artists/Images/mag vermeiren_image_onbevangen is het licht.jpg

Mag Vermeiren (B)

Bronze, ceramic

Young women with personalities, sensitive, and tenderly caring. Holding a bird, a young fox, or a bouquet of flowers, there's an ever-present tenderness

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/mag vermeiren_portrait_.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/mag vermeiren_image_shining.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/mag vermeiren_image_alter ego.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/mag vermeiren_image_bloemen.jpg

Artists/Images/marc hadermann_image_klokje.jpg

Marc Hadermann (B)


Wandering in a wonder world

During - and after a career as a graphic designer and product developer, Marc Hadermann devoted himself to the visual arts. The last decade, he mainly worked as a glass artist.
He is inspired by nature and images in the world around him. Wandering around, he collects images, looking like an astonished child with strange perceptions.
Fascinated by 'light' and 'transparancy' he is giving the spectator an opportunity to observe the world through his eyes.
His art , paintings or glass installations, are always pure, without rules, honest, straight and with no compromises.

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/marc hadermann_portrait_.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/marc hadermann_image_klokjes.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/marc hadermann_image_vladimir.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/marc hadermann_portrait_.jpg

Artists/Images/marie thys_image_grand lievre sur socle.jpg

Marie Thys (B)


Create to express my observations or emotions

Marie Thys:
Having always had a passion for animals and their behavior, they became finally her favorite topic. The biggest part of her work is devoted to observing them and looking for their expressions, their movements, and their fragility.
Each of all her sculptures is realized using the technique she thinks is most appropriate for the animal, either wax, plaster, or clay. Then the piece is molded and cast by the process of lost wax, to finally end up with this noble material that is bronze.

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/marie thys_image_grand lievre.jpg

Artists/Images/marije gies_image_blauwe bloem.jpg

Marije Gies (B)

Glass (stained & fusion glass)

Colour and Light and Light and Colour

Marije Gies:
I have always loved working with colours, and with glass because the interaction with light adds a whole new dimension, constantly changing and making the most beautiful atmospheres.

Marije Gies uses different techniques, such as stained glass, tiffany, stained glass, glass fusing, slumping and casting.
Besides her own art, she does commissioned works, such as stained-glass windows, restoration, glass art and workshops.

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/marije gies_portrait_.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/marije gies_image_bloem.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/marije gies_image_dragon eye.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/marije gies_image_fiesta.jpg

Artists/Images/marja steinmetz_image_in voor en tegenspoed.png

Marja Steinmetz (B)

Glass casting and fusion

Colourful fantasy world captured in glass

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/marja steinmetz_portrait_.png

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/marja steinmetz_image_landschap met bomen en huisje.png

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/marja steinmetz_image_het klavertje vier.png

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/marja steinmetz_image_landschap met stoofperen.jpg

Artists/Images/nele schildermans_image_blauwe karper_ceramic.jpg

Nele Schildermans (B)

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/nele schildermans_portrait_.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/nele schildermans_image_blauwe karper_front_ceramic.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/nele schildermans_portrait_.jpg

Artists/Images/paja van dyck_image_flab_keramiek,glas.jpg

Paja Van Dyck (B)

Glass sculptures, jewellery, dot-painting, miniature worlds under a glass bell

Combining glass, various materials and techniques into glass jewellery, sculptures and miniature worlds under a bell jar

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/paja van dyck_portrait_.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/paja van dyck_image_warrior green.png

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/paja van dyck_image_warrior pink.jpg

Artists/Images/patrick van tilborgh_image_kings.jpg

Patrick Van Tilborgh (B)


Glass is his ultimate source of inspiration. The creations are sometimes rough and simple in form, sometimes stylistic, but often colourful and playful with a typical touch of character

For a quarter of a century Patrick Van Tilborgh is already infected by the glass microbe. After a technical training, he began to experiment with glass. He followed a seven-year glass course at the IKA (Instituut voor Kunst en Ambachten) in Mechelen under the direction of Koen Vanderstukken and Miloslava Svobodova. He has his own glass studio and a mobile glass studio to realise his own creations and organise glass demonstrations, events and workshops. Patrick has an inner urge to work with glass in an uninhibited way. Glass intrigues him because it results always in such a complex adventure. It always provides new experimental and artistic challenges. Glass is his ultimate source of inspiration to create new objects every time. The passion of this glass artist is clearly reflected in his works of art. Sometimes they are rough and simple in form, sometimes rather stylistic, but often also colourful and playful with a typical touch of character, typical for Patrick Van Tilborgh.

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/patrick van tilborgh_portrait_.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/patrick van tilborgh_image_birds 3 en 4.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/patrick van tilborgh_image_birds 1.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/patrick van tilborgh_image_birds 2.jpg

Artists/Images/paul van cauteren_image_golf.jpg

Paul Van Cauteren (B)

Glass (Casting, colour glass powders)

Abstract glass sculptures made up of molten glass and colour glass powders, sometimes in combination with other materials

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/paul van cauteren_portrait_.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/paul van cauteren_image_lightcatcher 2.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/paul van cauteren_image_stele overview.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/paul van cauteren_image_broken circle.jpg


Plaids en Shawls (B)

Yak wool from Nepal

Yak wool is made from the fine, heat-insulating under-hair of the domestic yak, a type of Asian highland long-haired cattle


Artists/Images/raph janssen_image_lightbeam-26_playing with light.jpg

Raph Janssen (B)

Stone, glass, light

Transparent, translucent and, - depending on the light, - surprisingly perceptible artworks

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/raph janssen_portrait_.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/raph janssen_image_transparent society-04.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/raph janssen_image_lightbeam-21.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/raph janssen_image_lightbeam-05.jpg

Artists/Images/roland menten_image_winddancing.jpg

Roland Menten (B)


Snails, frogs, flowers, mushrooms are endlessly combined, but always surprising, humorous and perfectly executed

The Snail

The artistic creations of Roland Menten show always a humorous note that is often in contradiction or gives an unexpected view on our stressed and perfectionist society. He builds up an entire oeuvre on and around snails, frogs, leaves, mushrooms, ... In short, nature. In his work, he gives snails a place of honour.

The beauty of Roland Menten's works is that they grow along with nature.

On the one hand, through the use of polished and rough surfaces, the lichens become spectators and at the same time they take a part in the story told by the artwork.

On the other hand, through the alternating use of colours, the works conquer their place in nature, which softens their dominance by incorporating the sculpture into the life of the vegetation.

The works of art by Roland Menten feel at home both in a modern design and in a classical interior, in an austere French garden as well as in natural vegetation, but they always elicit a smile :-)

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/roland menten_portrait_.png

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/roland menten_image_winddansers.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/roland menten_image_de gaatjesknabbelaars.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/roland menten_image_windzoeker.jpg

Artists/Images/roos mannaerts_image_geschonken aardewerk.jpg

Roos Mannaerts (B)

Bronze, ceramic, composite with attention to the patina

Narrative sculptures. Both classic and contemporary stories and themes. Selective utilisation of details

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/roos mannaerts_portrait_.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/roos mannaerts_image_paarden ris en rover.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/roos mannaerts_image_luister_ceramic.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/roos mannaerts_image_paard ris.jpg

Artists/Images/stanwood_image_triple spinner falling foliage.gif

Stanwood Wind Sculptures (B)

Copper, brass, lifetime warranty

Highest quality kinetic wind sculptures

Stanwood Wind Sculptures:
They are the highest quality kinetic sculptures available on the art market. All the wind sculptures are beautifully designed, meticulously crafted. They only use copper and brass as building materials. All spinners are finely balanced and will spin with the slightest breeze. All our wind sculptures are covered by a lifetime warranty.

Lifetime warranty:
The Stanwood products are fully warranted to the original owner against defects in materials and workmanship. If a Stanwood product fails due to a manufacturing defect Stanwood will repair or replace the product free of charge, at our discretion (transportation costs not included).
This lifetime warranty does not cover damage caused by accident, improper use or installation, negligence, normal wear and tear, or the natural breakdown of materials over time.

Stanwood also provide easy to replace spare parts, e.g. the stainless steel ball bearings.

Art Sanctuary will support you in the communication with Stanwood.

All artworks include a full installation manual. It can also downloaded by the Art Sanctuary website. There're also videos explaining the installation.
Art Sanctuary can help you to install the wind sculpture at your home for a fixed price depending on the wind sculpture.


Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/stanwood_image_dancing willow leaves (jumbo 3-ft across, 9-ft tall).jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/stanwood_image_double spinner ficus leaves.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/stanwood_image_double spinner ficus leaves (detail).png

Artists/Images/tone aanderaa_image_plume.jpg

Tone Aanderaa (B)


Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/tone aanderaa_portrait_.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/tone aanderaa_image_plume_back cover.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/tone aanderaa_image_evening in the garden.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/tone aanderaa_image_lise nightflyer.jpg

Artists/Images/toni kanwa adikusumah_image_pamor goddess (the power from nature).jpg

Toni Kanwa Adikusumah (B)

Bronze, metal, wood. Theme: Ritual and spiritual art

Creating passages, opening the mind, resulting in spiritual and ritual objects in wood and bronze

Luc Schreiden (adapted):
The originality of the works of Toni Kanwa Adikusumah lies in the alliance between the primitive arts and contemporary art, between the depth of the East and the creative freedom of the West. The synthesis he achieves sublimates dualities.

Toni Kanwa Adikusumah was born in Java, Indonesia. The first part of his life he was immersed in the heart of several indigenous tribes where culture and ritual arts were still a matter of life and a necessity for humans. His knowledge of ancestral techniques and his spiritual roots are exceptional. As a graduate of the Bandung Institute of Technology, he was for more than fifteen years an expert in tribal art for Sotheby's and Christie's in Jakarta and Bali.

Since the 2000s, Toni Kanwa Adikusumah has been travelling the world, notably allowing himself to be touched by the influences of the European art scene.
The artist presents at ‘The Enchanted Garden’ a series of wooden sculptures and bronze creations revealing the flow of vital energy resulting from his unusual path and the duality between East and West.

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/toni kanwa adikusumah_portrait_.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/toni kanwa adikusumah_image_white goddess.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/toni kanwa adikusumah_image_foetus protection.png

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/toni kanwa adikusumah_image_ambu protection.png


Will Schropp (B)


The sculpture has to be as if it was the only possibility for this piece of wood

Will Schropp:
Lines, groves, the ribbing and the character of the wood play a big part in my sculptures. Wood has a lot of possibilities, but even more impossibilities, between them I create my sculptures.

'Life' and the eternal dream of 'Flying' are subjects of my sculptures. When I carve I am conscious of the nature, I see my work as a synthesis between design and nature. I finish my sculptures in such a way that people are prompted to touch them. Wood shows history and trees played a role in mythology. If possible I use those elements.

Artists/Images/willy peeters_image_gone with the wind_4300eur.jpg

Willy Peeters (B)


Images full of contrasts: figurative yet abstract, rough but sensitive, groups made up of individuals, narrative symbolism

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/willy peeters_image_gone with the wind_right_4300eur.jpg

Artists/Images/woodstock chimes_image_bells of paradise bpls.png

Woodstock chimes (B)

Aluminium with various finishes, wood, metal

Musically tuned, affordable, high quality chimes that enhance well-being through beautiful sights and sounds

Garry Kvistad:
As a music student in the 1970s, Woodstock Chimes' founder, Garry Kvistad, became fascinated by ancient scales that could not be played on modern instruments, so he decided to build a metallophone (a xylophone-like instrument with metal bars) on which he could play the ancient scale of Olympos, a Greek flute player from the 7th century B.C.. Being an ecologically minded recent college graduate on a tight budget, Garry found the materials for his metallophone at a landfill, it was made from the aluminum tubes of a discarded lawn chair! Garry's metallophone experiment was so successful, he had the idea to cut and tune aluminum tubes to create windchimes, and Woodstock Chimes was born!

Why Choose Woodstock Chimes?

  • Woodstock Chimes are the original, musically tuned high quality windchime
  • Woodstock Chimes are tuned to beautiful melodies and scales from around the world
  • Woodstock Chimes were created by GRAMMY® award-winning musician Garry Kvistad
  • Available in a wide range of styles, songs and sizes, you can choose the Woodstock Chime that speaks to your soul
  • We stand behind every product we make with a one-year warranty and a lifetime tuning guarantee on our musically tuned chimes
  • Woodstock Chimes are The World's Favorite Windchime - the chime more people ask for by name
  • Woodstock Chimes are the choice of discerning customers for over 40 years!

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/woodstock chimes_image_chimes of earth evergreen dce37.png

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/woodstock chimes_image_space odyssey mmso.png

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/woodstock chimes_image_bells of paradise-tuning.png

Artists/Images/xavier dumont_image_banc treilli.jpg

Xavier Dumont (B)


Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/xavier dumont_portrait_.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/xavier dumont_image_siege echelle.jpg

Artists/Images/ResizedSquare150/xavier dumont_portrait_.jpg