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Ellen Rijsdorp

Nederland -

From: 2023-06-09 - To: 2023-10-15

Ellen Rijsdorp:
Working and living in Delft, a city with a rich tradition in ceramics, not just Delft Blue! Having previously lived and worked in the Kruithuis, formerly a gunpowder depot built in 1660, she is now situated near the old town, and her workshop moved to Bacinol2, a centre for artists and small innovative companies.

Ellen Rijsdorp's ceramic objects are inspired by natural structures such as sand dunes, ice crystals, wood, rocks and leaves. Structures she sees and finds at home and whilst travelling. Her objects have large increasingly convex surfaces, accentuated with small textured elements: highly structured and yet chaotic at the same time, always balanced and harmonized with her very refined surfaces and colours.

A wheel-thrown shape provides the primary basis for Ellen Rijsdorp's objects. After a solid ceramics education in Gouda (1985-1991) - where the focus was on the ability to produce specific shapes of high quality - she embarked on the journey of developing her very own personal shapes, textures and style.
Her double-walled forms are understated. They look soft as velvet, asking to be touched.



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