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B. Jane Cowie - Fireweed flower (Overview)(Glass, stainless steel, LED)

Nom B. Jane Cowie
Titre de l'œuvre Fireweed flower (Concept)(Glass, stainless steel, LED)
Prix catalogue 4375 Euro
Autres informations Price a piece; 8 numbered, signed and dated pieces avalable; discount for 3 or more pieces
Matériels et techniques Verre d'art, acier inoxydable, éclairage ; verre recyclé formé au four, pièces métalliques forgées et soudées à la main
Description Fireweed:
The name fireweed comes from the plant's ability to grow in areas after wildfires, as its seeds disperse readily on the winds. Welcoming this 'weed' or wildflower is advises as it is often one of the first plants to return to areas damaged or disturbed. It is a useful plant to repair the ecosystems and land management as it quickly revegetates disturbed soil, establishing roots and ground cover to prevent soil degradation and erosion.

Appearance in gardens:
The fireweed starts to diminish as other plants and trees have a chance to grow, yet it still returns occasionally in sunny glades and the brighter areas between shrubs and trees. The plant is beneficial for local wildlife as it helps a wide range of pollinators, and is a host plant for a range of different butterflies and moths. Visually appealing, the plant pops up in places where it is most useful, or can be planted to provide colour in open spaces.
In 'The Enchanted Garden' we are happy to have large borders of spontaneously grown Fireweed. It separates the natural vegetation from the mown vegetation in the avenue

A weed?:
Although seen often as a weed, the Fireweed is edible, as the young shoots can be eaten as wild greens in springtime (before they become tough and bitter). The plant can also be peeled and the inner stems and roots eaten raw, cooked, or roasted before the plant flowers.
Used as a tea, the Fireweed flowers collected in the summer months can make a homestead 'honey' syrup, or jelly which has a delicate floral and somewhat fruity flavour. The flowers have often been combined with other summer fruits in jellies and preserves.
We might overlook plants that grow abundantly, yet the fireweed is an example of a common weed that is most useful. This is a wildflower to embrace and welcome into your garden.
Tags C - Pays: Singapore
D1 - Type de matière: Métal, Verre
E1 - Sujet: Nature
Expression / Émotion: Poétique, Symbolique
Style: Decorative, Figuratif, Grand (>1,5m), Organique
Type d'oeuvre: Sculpture
Z - Autre: Nouveau en 2022, Période 1 (24/06/2022), Période 2 (12/08/2022)

B. Jane Cowie - Fireweed flower (Overview)(Glass, stainless steel, LED)