The Enchanted Garden Newsletter

On Friday 24 June 2022 at 1 p.m., the international art exhibition 'The Enchanted Garden 2022' will open its gates for the ninth time.
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Logo International Year of the Glass

2022 was declared the year of the glass by the United Nations.

... Unfortunately, it will also be the year of Ukraine ...

We are working to include this aspect.

Glass in combination with other materials

'The Enchanted Garden 2022' presents artworks in glass combined with other materials, but also sculptures in bronze, wood, ceramics, ... even in polycarbonate or in recycled materials.
The themes related to 'pollution', 'urbanisation', 'waste dumps', 'reuse' are addressed.

Many artists use recycled materials or components!

A few of the artists:

  • Adje Martens (Netherlands): Unbridled creativity tells the story of the community
  • BJane Cowie (Singapore): Two metres tall glass flowers, leaves and stems in metal, LED lighting, ...
  • Bettina Silverio (Philippines): Throwaways can be beautiful too, combines Philippines and European elements
  • Catherine Millet (France): Her sculptures are as transparent as glass, but with a humour that encourages reflection
  • Christian Delory (Belgium): Combines transparent washers and rings with stained-glass and LED illumination
  • Floriane Lataille and William Geffroy (France): Can glass be even more sophisticated? Combining several glass techniques. Translucent sea creatures full of colour
  • France Van Hemelrijck (Belgium): Imagination turns agricultural equipment into elegant creations
  • Hans Janssen (Netherlands): Light, transparency, reflection, colour, ... female?
  • Hermine van der Does (Netherlands): Glass has never shown so much colours
  • Ludo Giels and Lut De Baere (Belgium): Puzzling to transform metal scrap from a sunken and exploded barge into a strange but funny world
  • Maurice la Rooy (Netherlands and Belgium): Sophisticated glass art with a statement
  • Raph Janssen (Belgium): Combines stone, rock crystal to enhance the environment
  • Stanwood Wind Sculptures (U.S.A.): Highest quality kinetic wind sculptures
  • Willy Peeters (Belgium): Stories in bronze packed with symbols

Stanwood Wind Sculptures

This year, 'The Enchanted Garden' can also present Stanwood 's wind sculptures
They have the best quality / price ratio we can offer. In every detail, they are technically and aesthetically perfectly designed and produced, and the copper patinates homogeneously. They also receive a lifetime guarantee. In addition, critical parts, such as the stainless steel bearings, can be replaced.
'The Enchanted Garden' also offers additional ground anchoring, which protects the wind sculptures even better in stormy weather conditions.
Mounting materials for installation on terrace fences or railings are available, thus also suitable for the balconies of appartments.