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Welcome to the International Art Exhibition
Working theme 2022: Light, transparent, reflection, colour
Friday 24th June - Sunday 25th Sep. 2022; Fri., Sat., Sun. & Public holidays 13:00 - 20:00

View and buy our artworks via our Catalogue.
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Rue du Tilleul 22, 1370 Jodoigne, Belgium

Rue du Tilleul 22, 1370 Jodoigne, Belgium

    Phone +32 (0) 493 628 540

Phone: +32 (0) 493 628 540


Email: artsanctuary@live.com;info@ignace-clarysse.com

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Albert Vaesen

Ann Geirnaerdt

Anouk de Groot

Anusch Bayens


Bénédicte Maréchal

Brigitte Danse

Chris Engels

Christian Delory

Christine Ceccato

Christoph Goldberg

Cor de Ree

Daniël Olislaegers

Diane & Denis Susswein (RhinoVerre)

Didier Becquart

Edith Janzen

Edith Stoel

Els & Tom Bleijenberg

Else Ringnalda

Elya Yalonetski

Etienne Careme

Friedy Evers-Duijsters

Hendrike Huijsmans

Henk Baggerman

Hermien Buytendijk

Hieke Meppelink

Irene van der Does de Bye

Jack van Iwaarden de Vreede

Jacques Raemaekers

Jan Leenknegt

Jan Verschueren

Jean-François Constant

Jean-Luc Absil

Jean-Pierre Belaen

Joël Sadaune

Korpus Quartet

Lebuïn D'Haese

Lieuwke Loth

Loes Knoben

Luc Leroy

Luk Luts

Marc Hadermann

Marie Biesmans

Marie Bonhoure-Marsillach

Marjan Smit

Martha Veldthuis

Martine Bronzin

Mieke Oldenburg

Nele Schildermans

Paja Van Dyck

Patrick Van Tilborgh

Petra Verhees

Plaids en Shawls

Roland Menten

Roos Mannaerts

Stella Marquet

Tina Lintvelt

Tineke Thielemans

Tone Aanderaa

Toni Kanwa Adikusumah

Véronique Roland

Will Schropp

Woodstock chimes

Xavier Dumont

News: Corona

For a pleasant visit with minimal risk of contamination the Corona measures imposed by the authorities must be strictly followed:

  • Reservation is recommented. On site there're nearly always still enough places available.
  • Please use only the car park. Do not park your car in the Rue du Tilleul with one-way traffic towards the Chaussée de Tirlemont.
  • Keep a distance of two metres between successive groups of visitors.
  • Groups are welcome if their members follow the Corona rules.
  • Card payment preferred.
  • Please follow the visitors path.
  • You can not touch the artworks.
  • Toilet room: thanks to the previous user you can use the toilet room without risks of Corona contamination:
    • Washing hands with a disinfectant soap is mandatory.
    • Please clean the toilet room with disinfecting spray after using it.

The Enchanting Garden, where is it located?

Ravel Map
URL Google Map: Art Sanctuary

'The Enchanted Garden' is situated halfway between Brussels and Liège (40km), near 'De Vlaamse Toontuinen' in Hoegaarden, in the beautiful Hesbaye landscape around Jodoigne, on the bicycle path between Tienen and Namur (Ravel), on the N25 (Tienen – Charleroi) connecting the E40 (Brussels – Liège) and the E411 (Brussels – Namur).

Art Sanctuary Map
URL Google Map: Art Sanctuary

How to get there?

'The Enchanted Garden' is situated at Jodoigne, halfway between Brussels and Liège, 4,5 km from the E40-exit number 25.
The parking is situated at the crossing of 'Rue Sainte-Marie' with the 'Chaussée de Tirlemont' (Google: 50.74375448965019, 4.879072345105746)
You can walk from the parking to 'The Enchanted Garden' by using the Ravel in the direction of Tienen. It's a 400m long lovely stroll shadowed by trees.


How to drive?

Google Map

Parking to 'The Enchaned Garden'

Direction to Art Sanctuary

Coming from the direction of Bruxelles and Leuven by E40: (Click for google.map directions)

  • E40, A3 direction Liège;
  • Exit 25 to 'Geldenaken, Hoegaarden'
  • End of the Exit: to the right to 'Geldenaken, Hoegaarden'
  • Cross 2 rond abouts in the direction of 'Geldenaken, Jodoigne, Charleroi';
  • At the 2nd round-about with the copper beer kettle: continue 3,9 km to Geldenaken
  • At the glass 'Pyramide' on your right with the restaurant 'Wok d'Ici' you find the parking lot

Coming from Liège and Waremme by E40: (Click for google.map directions)

  • E40, A3 direction Bruxelles / Brussel
  • Exit 25 to 'Geldenaken, Hoegaarden'
  • End of the Exit: to the left to 'Geldenaken, Hoegaarden'
  • Cross 2 rond abouts in the direction of 'Geldenaken, Jodoigne, Charleroi';
  • At the 2nd round-about with the copper beer kettle: continue 3,9 km to Geldenaken
  • At the glass 'Pyramide' on your right with the restaurant 'Wok d'Ici' you find the parking lot

Coming from Namur by E411: (Click for google.map directions)

  • E411, A4 direction Bruxelles / Brussel
  • Exit 11 'Gembloux' toward 'N29, Gembloux, Tirlemont, Jodoigne, Perwez'
  • End of the Exit (rondabout): to the left to 'Tirlemont, Jodoigne, Perwez'
  • On N29: Drive 16 km in the direction of 'Tirlement, Jodoigne', pass through the center of Jodoigne;
  • At the glass 'Pyramide' on your left with the restaurant 'Wok d'Ici' you find the parking lot
Parking Art Sanctuary


Art Sanctuary Parking Map
URL Google Map: Parking -> Art Sanctuary

Art Sanctuary asks the visitors to park their car at our parkinglot.

It is situated at the crossing of the Chaussée de Tirlemont and Rue Saint-Marie in Saint-Jean-Geest (Jodoigne).
The restaurant 'Wok d'Ici' is situated opposite of the parking lot.

It's 450 m or 5 min. walking from 'The Enchanted Garden' using the old railway Namur - Tienen (RAVEL).

Coming from Tienen or the E40 (exit 25) take the direction to Hoegaarden / Geldenaken / Jodoigne / Charleroi. The parking is at your right at the crossroad.

Coming from Wavre, Charleroi, Jodoigne you take the N29 in the direction of Tirlemont / Tienen / E40. From the main crossroad in Jodoigne with traffic lights in the centre of Jodoigne, it is 2,5 km to the parking lot. It's on your left.


Opening days: 'The Enchanted Garden' opens on Friday 25th of June 2021 at 13:00 (Corona doesn't allow a 'Vernisage') and closes on Sunday 26th of September at 20:00 (Corona doesn't allow a 'Finisage').
Sunday 08th of Augustus 2021 some artists leave the exhibtion, other artistes and new artworks arrive on Friday 13th of Augustus 2021.

Entrance Hours: Each Friday, Saturday, Sunday from 13:00 till 20:00. Also on Wednesday 21 (Belgian National Holiday) and Thursday 22 July 2021 (Belgian National Holiday 'Cleanup').
On Wednesday the garden accepts private visits (excepts Wednesday 21 July 2021) between 11:00 and 20:00.
Groups +10 persons can visit each day of the week and are invited to make an appointment using mail to "artsanctuary@live.com or by phone to +32 (0) 493 628 540.

Contribution: To cover the costs, we ask a contribution of 8 euro / person, children below 12-year free entrance.
Groups +10 persons contribute 6 euro / person.
Private visits cost 14 euro / person.
Paying visitors are offered a non-alcoholic drink or snack/
Covid-19 support included.

Entrance card for full season: With a registered, personal entrance card, you can visit 'The Enchanted Garden' during the entire season for free.
Due to frequent abuse, we ask you to register the card (card number, name, town, email, address) the day of your visit using 'The Ticket Registration' page.

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What to do after your visit?

Walks around 'The Enchanted Garden'

Walks of varying length and without traffic in the neighbourhood, e.g.

Circuits / Rondritten / Tours:

  • A tour by bike, car or bus with visits to the large white Gobertange stone farms of Hesbaye, for example the one belonging to the abbey of La Ramée, and of course the white stone town of Jodoigne.
  • Visiting Tienen, Zoutleeuw and the Provincial Domain 'Het Vinne', Sint-Truiden, Wavre, Leuven, ... are also possible.